What is GSJ?

The History of the Genetics Society of Japan

Promoters' meeting of the "Japanese Society of Breeding" which is the predecessor of the Genetics Society of Japan was held in February 1915 and the regulations of the society were drafted. The first general meeting was held in Akasaka Sankoudou in November of the same year. The number of members was 135 as of 1916. In July 1920, the name of the society was changed in the form of taking over office jobs and all other things from the Japanese Society of Breeding and the "Genetics Society of Japan" was officially established. Also, 1920 is the year when Genetics Society of the UK was established. The number of members today (in the end of July 2013) is 923.
In October 1928, the first meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan was held in Kyushu Imperial University and since then the meeting was annually held (except 1945), and the 85th annual meeting (Yokohama) will be  held in 2013.
Regarding the publications, the first volume of "The Japanese Journal of Genetics" was published in 1921 and is still published as "Genes & Genetic Systems" today (the 88 th volume in 2013).
The first president of the Genetics Society of Japan is Ikeno Seiichiro (the professor of Tokyo Imperial University). After him, Tanaka Yoshimaro, Kihara Hitoshi, and Kimura Motoo became the president, and Endo Takashi is the 30th president since 2013.